[container background_color=”#FFFFFF” background_image=”” text_color=”#062203″][one_half animation=”left-to-right”][main_title]Company Overview[/main_title]Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Reps, Inc. is a independent Rep. Agency representing the Foodservice Industry. Mr. Bobby McAbee and Mr. David McAbee have over 55 years combined experience working in
the Foodservice Industry. We are actively looking for Manufacturers’ lines to add to our current lines to service the Consultant, Dealer and End User community in the State of Florida.[/one_half][one_half animation=”left-to-right”][main_title]Our Approach[/main_title][tabs alignment=”horizontal”][tab heading=”Our Mission” icon_class=”icon-light-bulb”]

Corporate Mission:

To provide our Manufacturers, Consultants and Dealers professional and ethical representation while aggressively pursuing our marketplace.[/tab][tab heading=”Employees” icon_class=”icon-ccw”][lists][list]Bobby McAbee[/list][list]David McAbee[/list][list]Shamrock’s Assistant Staff [/list][/lists] [/tab][tab heading=”Who We Are” icon_class=”icon-lifebuoy”]

Who We Are:

Bobby McAbee established Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Rep’s, Inc. in 2013. The corporation began providing representation for manufacturer’s in the State of Florida. Mr. McAbee (President and Founder of Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Rep’s, Inc.) has over 30 years experience in all areas of the Industry. [/tab][/tabs][/one_half][/container][container background_color=”#FFFFFF” background_image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/About_us_v1.png” text_color=”#062203″ [/container]

[our_team number=”3″][/our_team][/container][container background_color=”#FFFFFF” background_image=”” text_color=”#062203″][one_half animation=”left-to-right”][accordations title=”Why Choose Us” collapsible=”true” active=”false” style=”box”][accordation heading=”We Are Experienced”]With over 40 years experience in total, Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Reps are knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of the foodservice industry. [/accordation]][accordation heading=”Quality Manufacturers”]Shamrock represents the highest quality foodservice manufacturers in the Southeast.  Looking for representation in Florida?  Let’s talk. [/accordation][accordation heading=”Unmatched Customer Support”]As dedicated representative of these manufacturers’ brands, we provide an unmatched level of support to our customers. [/accordation][/accordations][/one_half][one_half animation=”left-to-right”][main_title]Cool Video Preview[/main_title]Here’s a cool preview of the lines that Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Reps Inc. proudly carries![/one_half][/container][container background_color=”#FFFFFF” background_image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/About_us_v1-2.png” text_color=”#062203″][one_fourth animation=””][promobox button=”no” buttontext=”Go Now” buttonurl=”#” buttonicon=”icon-link” background=”#2a323a” text_color=”#FFFFFF”] Contact Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Reps, Inc. for all of your foodservice equipment needs.  We have the best manufacturers and reps in Florida. This is a “Call-To-Action” area of website.  Thank you for visiting the website of Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Reps, Inc.  We are here to serve you with the finest foodservice equipment in Florida. [/promobox][/one_fourth][three_fourth animation=””][main_title title_color=”#062203″]Quick contact; Drop Us a Few Lines.[/main_title][contact style=”style-2″][/contact][/three_fourth][/container]